The Launch of LYFE

LYFE Mission & Goal

Leaders Yearning for Excellence (LYFE): Beyond the Spear is a development program intended for all student athletes, but specifically caters to the social, intellectual, and academic well-being of Black/African American male student-athletes that attend Florida State University.

LYFE operates within five Spears…

1.      Personal Branding: Creating Your Self-Image

2.      Cultural Connections: Leveling the Playing Field

3.      Game Planning: Knowing How to Play the Game

4.      Total Growth: In-Game Adjustments

5.      Be the G.O.A.T.: Defining Your Legacy

With the incorporation of these Spears into our program’s educational sessions, our goals are to increase academic motivation and success as well as create awareness of potential   career opportunities. Ultimately, LYFE will emphasize the pipeline towards graduation for our student-athletes, specifically that of our African American student-athletes.

This program encompasses the shared values of the Florida State athletic department and Florida State University campus community, and ultimately add to each student-athlete’s educational experience during their academic career at Florida State University.

Summer Bridge
June 22, 2015

Objectives of Event:


¨ Introduce the LYFE program to incoming LYFEletes

¨ Develop a strong sense of community within Florida State University Athletics

¨ Create bonds among the LYFEletes & staff

¨ Provide an amusing experience by challenging their intellectual and physical abilities


LYFE: Family Feud
June 25, 2015

Objectives of Event:


¨ Introduce LYFELetes to college life through the popular game show “Family Feud”

¨ Educate LYFEletes on what it takes to be a successful college student athlete

¨ Create an atmosphere of intellect and competition

¨ Introduce athletes to different ethnic backgrounds & beliefs


Number of LYFEletes in Attendance: 25

Teams Represented: Football, Track & Field and Men's Basketball

LYFE: Dress for Success Mixer
June 26, 2015

Objectives of Event:


¨ Educate the LYFEletes on the importance of  professional attire & presenting themselves appropriately

¨ Connect new LYFEletes to older teammates that might serve as role models

¨ Identify appropriate apparel specific to different occasions


Number of LYFEletes in Attendance: 25

Teams Represented: Football, Track & Field and Men's Basketball