The Franchise

The Franchise is a 5 week program that tasked LYFEletes with  creating their own NBA Franchise teams. Each week a different topic  was covered culminating in presentations to a panel of judges. The 5  events included Personal Branding,  Financial Responsibility,  Community Service, Game Planning, and Presentations. Just like the  year  before, The Franchise was a highlight of summer  LYFE programming.

Personal Branding

Week 1

The Franchise kicked off with a session about the importance of branding. LYFEletes observed  real life examples of well-known people and organizations and their respective brands. They were  able to see both good and bad examples of branding. They were then tasked with the mission of splitting into groups and creating their own brand  for their NBA franchise. LYFEletes created a team name, team location,  team logo and core values. The goal was for a team to create the best  brand that would not only help the community it was being established in, but also have a team that represented  each  LYFE groups' values.

Draft (Budgeting)

Week 2

This event focused on financial responsibility. LYFEletes were tasked with drafting a full squad of 10 players and a coach while also staying within their allotted budgets. Each team was given a realistic budget and actual salaries of both current NBA players and coaches. LYFEletes had to work with each other to agree on which players and coaches they wanted to draft, what that person's brand is and how that person would fit in within their organization. Of all the teams, only one team went over budget. After this event, teams were set and we were ready for the next Franchise event. Overall, the event was a success!

Community Service

Week 3

For week 3 of The Franchise, LYFEletes went on a field trip to a local homeless shelter in beautiful Tallahassee. The idea behind this event was to give back to our local community while also allowing LYFEletes to consider how their NBA teams would help and give to others. LYFEletes interacted with residents and were able to engage in different fun activities with them like playing basketball and ping pong. LYFEletes enjoyed the time and were reminded of the ability they have to lift someone else's spirit.

Team Meetings

Week 4

Week 4 consisted of LYFEletes meeting in their groups to prepare for the following week's big presentations. This was an opportunity for LYFEletes to collaborate, create and construct their big pitch to the esteemed judges. The goal was to come up with the best, most well-prepared presentation so that the judges would want to invest in their franchise. A LYFE administrator paired up with each team to guide the LYFEletes with tips about presenting, tips about appropriate attire and how to best communicate what their organizations stood for. The team meetings were a great opportunity for LYFEletes to connect across sport.

Game Day: Presentations

Week 5

The Franchise concluded with memorable presentations by each LYFElete group. Playing off of the hit show, Shark Tank, LYFElete groups were to pitch their franchises to a panel of judges. They were to explain what they've learned throughout this process while getting practice presenting. LYFEletes hit this out of the park! The team that presented the best, dressed the most appropriately and summarized learned LYFE lessons the best was named the winner. That team was the Seattle Flames!