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The Mr. LYFE award is awarded to the individual who is a leader yearning for excellence in every facet and recognizes the person that embodies the LYFE experience, by fully embracing our Core Values and exemplifying them on a daily basis. 

Year One Superlative Recipients:

Deondre Francois - Mr. Inspirational, Mr. Scholastic

Darvin Taylor - Mr. Exemplary, Mr. Scholastic

Terrance Mann - Mr. Outreach

Jacques Patrick - Mr. Outreach

Cedric Wood - Newcomer of the Year

Dwayne Bacon - Mr. Scholastic

Abdul Bello - Mr. Scholastic

Tarvarus McFadden - Mr. Dependable

Chris Koumadje - Mr. Dependable

Arthur Williams - Mr. Supportive

Demarcus Christmas - Mr. Supportive

Michael Ojo - Mr. Supportive

Year One Recipient:

Auden Tate

Year Two Recipient:

Darvin Taylor II

Darvin Taylor II

"I have enjoyed taking part in LYFE events since my freshman year. The program has helped me become a better man by teaching me valuable life lessons"

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Year Two Superlative Recipients:

Carlos Becker - Newcomer of the Year

Mfiondu Kabengele - Mr. Dependable

Darvin Taylor - Mr. Scholastic

Jonathan Isaac - Mr. Scholastic

Trent Forrest - Mr. Scholastic, Emerging Leader

Walvenski Aime - Mr. Scholastic, Mr. Outreach

Brian Burns - Emerging Leader

Amir Rasul - Mr. Exemplary

Cj Walker - Mr. Inspirational

Auden Tate - Mr. Inspirational

Year Three Recipient:

Brian Burns

LYFE has expanded my horizons in regard to ideas, opportunities, and experiences. LYFE has given me a new outlook on LYFE

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Year Three Superlative Recipients:

Jaiden Woodbey - Newcomer of the Year

Deonte Sheffield - Rookie of the Year

Decalon Brooks - Rookie of the Year

Darryl Gay - Emerging Leader, Mr. Scholastic

Carlos Becker - Mr. Dependable

Janarius Robinson - Mr. Dependable

Armani Wallace - Mr. Supportive

Brian Angola - Mr. Outreach

Darvin Taylor - Mr. Outreach, Mr. Scholastic

Walvenski Aime - Mr. Exemplary

Terrance Mann - Mr. Exemplary

Trent Forrest - Mr. Inspirational, Mr. Scholastic

Jaques Patrick - Mr. Inspirational

Qayyim Ali - Mr. Scholastic

James Blackman - Mr. Scholastic

Darryl Gay - Mr. Scholastic

Kameron House - Mr. Scholastic

Joshua Kaindoh - Mr. Scholastic

Justin Lindner - Mr. Scholastic

Tre' McKitty - Mr. Scholastic

Ike Obiagu - Mr. Scholastic

Anthony Polite - Mr. Scholastic 

Wyatt Wilkes - Mr. Scholastic

Year Two Superlative Recipients:

Jaleel McRae - Newcomer of the Year

Chaz Neal - Rookie of the Year

Cam McDonald - Rookie of the Year

Christian Armstrong - Mr. Dependable, Mr. Scholastic

Janarius Robinson - Mr. Supportive

Amari Gainer - Mr. Outreach

Michael Hall - Mr. Exemplary

Armani Wallace - Mr. Inspirational

Decalon Brooks - Mr. Inspirational

Robert Cooper - Mr. Scholastic

Trent Forrest - Mr. Scholastic

Keyshawn Helton - Mr. Scholastic

Tre' McKitty - Mr. Scholastic

Devin Vassell - Mr. Scholastic

Jaiden Woodbey - Mr. Scholastic

Year Four Recipient:

Jaiden Woodbey


Year Six Recipient:

Amari Gainer

Year Six Superlative Recipients:

Kevin Knowles - Newcomer of The Year

Jaleel McRae - Mr. Exemplary

Gabriel Curtis - Mr. Resilience