Degree Completion Program

Any qualified current or former FSU student athlete that has exhausted his/her eligibility and is outside of the six year window is eligible for the program.






For more information contact:

Charlie Hogan:

Objectives of Program:


1.   Establish processes and guidelines for the former student athlete’s degree completion.

2.   Pre counseling steps for student athletes deciding to forgo eligibility with academic advisor to    create a graduation plan, as well as an exit interview with the Associate Director of Academics

3.   Establish a liaison in the FSU Student Athlete Academic Services Department to serve as the     Degree Completion Coordinator (DCC). The DCC is responsible for ensuring former student athletes are completing the necessary steps required to be readmitted to the university. The DCC will create an individualized academic plan with the former student athlete and also explore any additional           academic support the student may require.

Degree Completion Program Graduates

Mario Pender 2013-16