Fall 2019

Game of LYFE

Lyfe hosted Game of LYFE as a gamification of choice making & career exploration. We spent time in the computer lab doing an online career inventory which gave students a color & corresponding field that they would excel in. We then made each group of colors into teams & they played a life-size game where they progressed through life based on career & the personal decisions they made!

Save a LYFE

Save a LYFE was an event where LYFE partnered with FAMU counseling to talk through the importance of mental health behind the lens of race & sport. With help from Dr. Kaklamanos, our Director of Sport Psychology, LYFE was able to engage in incredible conversation with our LYFEletes

Power of LYFE

Power of LYFE was an event where the LYFEletes discussed individual identity. One of our former FSU football players turned motivational speaker created a video that allowed us to open up for discussion about how each individual LYFElete can build their own personal brand!

Best Night of My LYFE

LYFE celebrated the end of another great semester with the 5th annual Best Night of my LYFE Carnival. This Carnival took  place in the Indoor Practice Facility. All LYFEletes and student-athletes were invited to attend this fun event. There were inflatable games, a food truck and a live DJ. LYFEletes  were able to take a break from finals and enjoy their peers.  This event is a staple of the LYFE  program with attendees from almost every  sport represented. 

Spring 2020


LYFE worked together on this day to create & put together care bags for the less fortunate. Our LYFEletes came together organize and deliver these care bags to the Kearny Center. Unfortunately, we underestimated the amount that we would actually need to help everyone at the facility, so our LYFEletes went to McDonalds and decided to spend their own money and bought over 100 cheeseburgers! A group also went to the Big Bend Hope community & played with the young children who call the shelter home! Our LYFEletes really showed out for this one!

Every LYFE is a Gift

LYFE partnered with the Chief & the Department of Juvenile Justice to have our LYFEletes have an engaging conversation about how to do and be better young individuals!