Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Fall 2017

Back to LYFE

Back to LYFE was a welcome back to school event to kickoff the fall semester. LYFEletes met at the Rez and participated in a number of 

different team building activities. They had to work together to 

complete different tasks like crossing a bridge without using their legs. 

LYFEletes were able to enjoy each others' company and build 

camaraderie amongst each other across sports. At the conclusion of 

this LYFE event, LYFEletes were able to join with their fellow peers 

and enjoy the Rez with the entire student-athlete population. It was a great way to Kickoff the start of the 


LYFE & Order

Court is in session! There are a set of unspoken codes that most "bros" follow. How do you handle when one of your bros violates one of those codes? How do you confront him about it? How do you even know if a bro code has been violated? LYFE & Order was an event where bros (LYFEletes) were brought to court to defend their case. LYFEletes were read scenarios of bro code violations and had to defend themselves as either the defendant or the plaintiff. Judge Shanika Mungin would have the final say about each case. 

The Game of


The Game of LYFE was an event that specifically gave football and basketball LYFEletes insight about what life is like at the next level. Two separate events occurred which included guest speakers Ray Farmer (former NFL General Manager) and Erjaam Hayes (NBA Player Development Program Manager). LYFEletes were able to interact, discuss, and learn insights about what it's like to become professional athletes in their sport and what they need to know about how to be successful when they make it to that level or begin their professional careers.

is Sweet


LYFE is Sweet is a staple LYFE event each year. Around the Thanksgiving season, LYFE administrators take the time to create goody bags for each LYFElete with a special note about why each one of them is appreciated. They are often lifted up due to their involvement in sports and this is an opportunity for LYFE administrators to let them know they're appreciated much more than just being an athlete. LYFEletes look forward to their care  packages each year!

Best Night of my LYFE

LYFE celebrated the end of another great semester with the 3rd annual Best Night of my LYFE Carnival. This Carnival took  place in the Indoor Practice Facility. All LYFEletes and student-athletes were invited to attend this fun event. There were inflatable games, a food truck and a live DJ. LYFEletes  were able to take a break from finals and enjoy their peers.  Women  from the National Council of Negro Women  attended and helped facilitate the event. This event is a staple of the LYFE  program with attendees from almost every  sport represented. 

Spring 2018

Suite LYFE

LYFEletes were welcomed back to school with  CEO and founder of PRO2CEO, Kevin Carr speaking to the LYFEletes. He seeks to increase their optimization and monetization in the business world. The LYFEletes were able to identify 4 leadership tactics to help propel them into the real world. Afterwards, LYFEletes were able to enjoy sitting and eating in one of the suites while supporting our women's basketball team against Notre Dame.


The LYFELetes took a trip to Wakanda and saw the movie, Black Panther together. A bus full of LYFEletes rode to see this iconic movie and spent the trip back to the stadium discussing some major topics that arose in the movie and their lives. The movie came at a time where racial tension has been high so it was a great opportunity for LYFEletes to express themselves during this unique time. This event had a good amount of family bonding and identity exploration.

Black 2


Black to LYFE was a week dedicated to celebrate Black History Month. LYFEletes were able to celebrate through a number of activities. This week long celebration encouraged identity development and camaraderie among LYFEletes.


LYFE Line was a professional development event that came to fruition with the help of our on campus Career Center. Employers from around Florida sat in a panel format describing their companies and their career paths. Then LYFEletes were able to interact with the employers through tabling. Little did the LYFEletes know they were in competition. The LYFElete that collected the most business cards was named the winner. LYFE long connections were made and some LYFEletes were able to capitalize on the opportunity by setting up a time to job shadow. The guests and LYFEletes were able to enjoy a catered dinner as they continued networking.


Every year, Real LYFE is a powerful event. Former players come back to discuss their diverse  life paths after college. Panelists include players who have graduated, continuing students,  players in the league,  graduate students and those who have entered the workforce in another  area outside of sport. Jaguars players, Telvin Smith and Rashad Greene and Redskins player Chris Thompson, as well as former players Pat Watkins, and Geno Hayes  brought the house  down with their inspirational wisdom. Every year LYFEletes are moved by this outstanding event!