Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Fall 2015

LYFE: Welcome Back Kickoff
August 30, 2015

Objectives of Event:

¨ Increase attendance to Welcome Back Picnic held by Student Services

¨ Introduce student-athletes to the resources at Florida State University

¨ Participate in team building exercises that enable participants to work together towards a common goal



Number of LYFEletes in Attendance: 21

Teams Represented: Football, Track & Field and Men's Basketball

Bread of LYFE
September 20, 2015

Objectives of Event:


¨ Provide LYFEletes with an opportunity for fellowship

¨ Engage with guests, staff, and other LYFEletes at Sunday Dinner

¨ Educate the LYFEletes on the importance of living with their legacy in mind

¨ Establish a connection with a prominent member of the Tallahassee community



Number of LYFEletes in Attendance: 31

Teams Represented: Football, Track & Field and Men's Basketball

October 18, 2015

Objectives of Event:


¨ Introduce the student athletes to the concept of financial security

¨ Inform LYFEletes the importance of money management

¨ Illustrate to the LYFEletes the difference  between rich and wealthy

¨ Create an enjoyable experience through Sunday dinner




Number of LYFEletes in Attendance: 18

Teams Represented: Football, Track & Field

LYFE is Sweet
November 15, 2015



The LYFE staff members decided to create Thanksgiving bags to thank the student-athletes for their participation in the LYFE program thus far. Bags were filled with an assortment of treats ranging from small school supplies and fun knickknacks, to miniature homemade pies. Each Thanksgiving bag had various uplifting quotes on them and within each bag LYFE staff placed individual notes they had written to each LYFElete. Bags were delivered to the players’ lockers while they were in practice and turned out to be a huge hit.


Best Night of my LYFE
December 8, 2015



“Best Night of My LYFE” was a carnival style event, open to all student-athletes and athletic          department staff and families.  Attendees enjoyed inflatable games and carnival treats, and some even held a dance competition courtesy of the live Deejay.  At the event student-athletes were able to build relationships with staff in other departments, as well as build a rapport with other student-athletes.  To publicize and advertise the event, Instagram, text messages and email blasts were     utilized.  A carnival was planned as the event was created to celebrate the success of the LYFE     program.  “Best Night of My LYFE” was a catalyst in marketing the program as a whole and           increasing its’ presence on campus and within the athletic department.  The event was a hit and LYFE staff received requests for “Best Night of My LYFE” to become an annual event. 

Number of Student-Athletes in Attendance: 

All LYFEletes, plus 63 other student athletes from baseball, golf, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, volleyball and beach volleyball.

Spring 2016

January 24, 2016



“LYFE in the Fast Lane” took place at Crenshaw Lanes in the Oglesby Student Union. Almost two dozen student-athletes attended the event from the Football and Men’s Basketball teams. The purpose of the event was to introduce the Spring enrollees to the LYFE program and bring the LYFEletes back together after their time away. Before they went bowling, attendees watched a promotional video about LYFE explaining why it was created, recapping past LYFE events and describing how LYFE can benefit the student-athletes. LYFEletes then went to the bowling alley and enjoyed dinner while they played pool and bowled.


Number of LYFEletes in Attendance: 18

Teams Represented: Football and Basketball

LYFE: 54
February 28, 2016



“LYFE: 54” was a two part event intended to celebrate the legacy and tradition of overcoming adversity through education. LYFEletes met at Florida State’s Integration Statue and were divided into groups. They were given the task of researching FSU’s three minority pioneers (Maxwell Courtney, Fred H. Flowers and Doby Lee Flowers) and create Flipagrams with the   information they found. The event was purposely planned during Black History Month to remember what minority civil rights advocates experienced in the past which has allowed LYFEletes to enjoy  opportunities now. The second part of this event was held in the Center for Global Engagement where LYFEletes had dinner then engaged in a scenario-based, civil rights debate. LYFEletes were given real life scenarios and had to debate what they would they would do under the circumstances and explain why. Other LYFEletes were able to physically “back up” the spokesperson LYFElete by moving and standing     behind them. This was a powerful event that opened the eyes of many LYFEletes.

Number of LYFEletes in Attendance: 19

Teams Represented: Football and Basketball

LYFE Beyond the Figg 
March 20, 2016



This event was a cooking class hosted by Publix. Twelve LYFEletes were in attendance, representing the football and basketball teams. The LYFEletes prepared a four-course meal from scratch. Once the meal was complete, LYFEletes were able to   enjoy the food they made as a family. One LYFELete in particular, Darvin Taylor II, said of the event, “It was a great experience. I enjoyed cooking with the boys today. And I learned how to make caramel!” LYFEletes were able to take to-go boxes home at the conclusion of the event.

Number of LYFEletes in Attendance: 12

Teams Represented: Football and Basketball

Real LYFE: Players Panel 
April 3, 2016



“Real LYFE” was a highlight of the LYFE program and received outstanding reviews from the LYFEletes who attended, all of whom were from the Football team. The LYFEletes were able to hear some valuable information from former college players. Panelists included former FSU players Telvin Smith, Leroy Smith, and graduate Jacobbi McDaniel, Duke graduate Dezmond Johnson, and Akron graduate Henry Orelus. Questions were prepared prior to the event, covering topics ranging from the importance of graduating from college to what life in the NFL is really like to life lessons learned overtime. Panelists called the men in the room to a higher standard of living and leadership. LYFEletes were able to ask questions and some of the panelists actually asked LYFEletes questions. Many of the LYFEletes stayed after to talk to the panelists one on one before enjoying a nice Sunday dinner together. Several LYFEletes said the message they heard that day was one that ought to be shared with the entire football team.

Number of LYFEletes in Attendance: 18

Teams Represented: Football