Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Back to LYFE

August 28, 2016

Back to LYFE was a welcome back to school event to kickoff the fall semester. LYFEletes met at the Rez and participated in a number of different team building activities. They had to work together to complete different tasks like crossing a bridge without using their legs. LYFEletes were able to enjoy each others' company and build camaraderie amongst each other across sports. At the conclusion of this LYFE event, LYFEletes were able to join with their fellow peers and enjoy the Rez with the entire student-athlete population. It was a great way to Kickoff the start of the semester! 

Educated LYFE  &

Going Pro in LYFE

September 18, 2016

Educated LYFE

The Educated LYFE was an event that sought to help LYFEletes understand the importance of education. Current, older players on different teams sat on a panel and discussed educational life lessons they learned throughout their time at FSU. This event was truly special because older LYFEletes were able to impart introspective wisdom to their freshmen counterparts.


breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.

Going Pro in LYFE

Going Pro in LYFE was an event that focused on juniors and seniors. Dr. Calvin Williams from the Career Center on campus came in helped the LYFEletes create resumes. This group learned how to maximize their athletic experience on their resumes. This was a great event that allowed the LYFEletes to walk away with very useful information.

LYFE Ignite

October 16, 2016

LYFE Ignite was a hot event that took place in October. This event was a spin off of speed dating and instead was a speed networking night. LYFEletes were able to meet multiple business owners, associates and recruiters. They were prepped by Dr. Calvin Williams of the Career Center on appropriate questions and conversation starters. The goal was for LYFEletes to talk to as many potential employers as possible and to obtain as many business cards as possible. This professional development event got LYFEletes out of their comfort zone and exposed them to what networking is like.

'Bout That LYFE

November 8, 2016

'Bout That LYFE was an event to encourage LYFEletes and other fellow athletes to vote. LYFE had representatives present to register LYFEletes to vote in Leon county. On election day, LYFE administrators drove student-athletes to and from the courthouse to vote. LYFEletes were able to be socially conscious of their right to vote! 

Seminole Leadership Program & LYFE Collabo

November 20, 2016

The LYFEletes teamed up with the Seminole Leadership Program for a field day. A local community group, GET NAME, joined our FSU student-athlete family for this epic event. There were stations all around the band field on campus including a dodge ball station, dance station, and a snow ice machine. Our special guests were able to interact with their athletic heroes. The event was quite a hit!

LYFE is Sweet

November 2016

LYFE is Sweet is a staple LYFE event each year. Around the Thanksgiving season, LYFE administrators take the time to create goody bags for each LYFElete with a special note about why each one of them is appreciated. They are often lifted up due to their involvement in sports and this is an opportunity for LYFE administrators to let them know they're appreciated much more than just being an athlete. LYFEletes look forward to their care packages each year!

Best Night of my LYFE

December 12, 2016

LYFE celebrated the end of another great semester with the 2nd Annual Best Night of my LYFE Carnival. This Carnival took place in the Indoor Practice Facility. All LYFEletes and student-athletes were invited to attend this fun event. There were inflatable games, carnival food and a live DJ. LYFEletes were able to take a break from finals and enjoy their peers. Women from the National Council of Negro Women attended and helped facilitate the event. This event is a staple of the LYFE program with attendees from almost every sport represented. There was a total of ... attendees.  

Spring 2016

Super Bowl Shootout

February 5, 2017

The LYFEletes took a field trip to Tallahassee Paintball Sports. On the way to the fields, the LYFE administration were able to briefly describe what LYFE is and why it was created. Once we arrived, the LYFEletes split into teams and took to the fields. They played three exciting games including one game in the woods. This event was special for two reasons: (1) because female student-athletes attended and (2) because the event was created after getting feedback from a focus group that was conducted earlier in the semester (discussed further on page...) Paintball was a hit and the LYFEletes were able to get back home just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. 


Get Right, Act Right, Swipe Right

February 12, 2017

Swipe Right was an event that explored the highs and lows of relationships and dating. A representative from Refuge House came and addressed the LYFEletes. Refuge House offers support and resources to women who have been hurt by abuse or violence. The event then became competitive as the LYFEletes were broken up into pairs and placed at a designated station. The LYFEletes were to answer relationship questions in a Battle of the Sexes game. There were 4 stations representing different stages of relationships including "Sliding in the DMs", "The New New", "Hubby/Wifey", and the "IDFWU" stages. LYFEletes were given scenario based questions and had to agree on the best answer about how to deal with conflict at each stage in relationship. At the end of the game, 2 victors were crowned as Prince Charmings. We ended the night with a nice family meal.

After LYFE

March 26, 2017

After LYFE was a Career Forum that LYFEletes were able to attend. This professional development occasion was an opportunity for LYFEletes to meet and talk to employers of all kinds. Employers were all sitting panel-style and were asked career questions by LYFEletes. After the event ended, LYFEletes were able to interact more one-on-one with the guests. Connections were made and the event was a great success!


April 9, 2017

Every year, Real LYFE is a powerful event. Former players come back to discuss their diverse life paths after college. Panelists include players who have graduated, continuing students, players in the league,  graduate students and those who have entered the workforce in another area outside of sport. Jaguars linebacker, Telvin Smith, brought the house down with his inspirational wisdom. Every year LYFEletes are moved by this outstanding event!