Fall 2020


The LYFE Team hosted an event that was held via zoom! The purpose of this event was to work with our LYFEletes to develop their "pitch" giving skills. The LYFEletes were split into groups and set to have a "faceoff interview" where they would compete with each other to impress our moderators with their wit. Players were meant to choose 5 characteristics that would fit a potential employers ideal characteristics. They were then meant to act out and demonstrate how those characteristics would answer a set of questions. This event was a great way to get our LYFEletes thinking about how best to market themselves all-around. 


Managing personal finances is a growing concern among many elite athletes. Professional Athletes are culturally relevant for their athletic talents and also their sometimes extravagant lifestyles. Give our LYFEletes professional aspirations, we wanted to0 introduce financial topics. In particular, ways to learn more about ways they can manage their current personal finances in college. Basic concepts are not always taught in formal education. Many collegiate athletes leave school without any knowledge of budgeting and/or building credit. LYFE$tyle was an informal session and presentation about these realities.

Gift of LYFE

LYFE consistently makes a conscious effort to focus the programs and events towards giving back to the local community here in Tallahassee. In respect to this effort, donation of canned foods was the direction our team decided to pursue this fall. In partnering with local Second Harvest of the Big Bend, we were able to donate canned food to local citizens during the most recent holiday's. Splitting into two teams (Team Frosty & Team Icy), LYFE members competed amongst themselves in order to see who could gather the most supplies. This time, it was Team Frosty that took home the prize in successfully gathering the most donations. Contributions came from both students and various personnel within the FSU athletic department. Both teams are grateful for all whom participated!

Spring 2021

LYFE Journey

LYFE Journey is centered on providing perspective and encouraging reflection during Black History Month. This program collaborated with the Black Male Initiative (BMI) and the Black Faculty Staff Network (BFSN), and showcase the lives of five black male faculty and staff members across various departments.
"LYFE Journey," encouraged vulnerable conversations amongst speakers and students about race, influence, inter/intrapersonal reflection, ultimately providing lessons and guidance to prepare for life after college. Based on the 4th Spear (Total Growth), and through ethnically-matched speakers, students were able to network with black male professionals, identify practical steps in dealing with life challenges that black males face, and gain understanding of post-secondary opportunities available to them.

LYFE Skillz

The LYFE Skillz event was centered around reaching out to a local Tallahassee elementary school (Bond Elementary School) and having our LYFEletes teach courses! This was a great way for our LYFEletes to really connect with the community make an impact on the lives of students who might look up to them. Our students taught art, yoga, leadership, and spoken word courses over the span of the event! The classes were held via zoom, given the state of the world, but our responses from the students and teachers at Bond Elementary School were overwhelmingly positive!

Summer 2021

Bridge of LYFE

During our Summer Bridge event, we invited incoming freshmen and transfer students to join us and learn about what LYFE is all about. The LYFE team organized a fun game that involved sharing each others social media handles to encourage communication and friendship across sports. We invited some current LYFEletes to talk about the program and all of the benefits that come with becoming a LYFElete. Additionally, we used this event as an excuse to honor some of our exemplary student-athletes of LYFE for their outstanding commitment to upholding The Five Spears of LYFE day in and day out.


During our Summer Bridge event this year our LYFEletes wanted to go to the local Juvenile Detention Center to work with the children that were there! It has always been a point of contention for our LYFEletes to reach out and give back to their local communities and we all felt as though this was an incredible opportunity for everyone involved. We went, played games and had meaningful discussions about life.