LYFE Olympics

The summer began with the LYFE Kickoff event. LYFEletes were introduced to the LYFE program by  administrative staff as well as a compelling video describing the current academic state of minority student-athletes here at FSU. The goal was to enlighten the new LYFEletes about the importance of graduating and  assuring them that we have the resources they need to reach that goal. LYFEletes enjoyed competing in  various group activities with LYFEletes from other teams. It was an instant bonding experience and a fun  way to introduce these new members of the FSU family to what LYFE is all about.

Family Feud

Dress for


In order to debunk some academic,  athletic and college myths, LYFEletes  gathered for a friendly but competitive  game of Family Feud. LYFE  administrators surveyed current student-athletes on topics such as dealing with  roommates, dealing with  coaches,  college classrooms and the freshmen  experience.  LYFEletes broke up  into teams to play the ultimate game of  Family Feud. Not only did they have a  fun time competing, they  were also  able to talk about any nervousness they had about this  new experience they  were all about to face.

Often times, LYFEletes have to dress a  certain way for a particular event. Dress  for Success acted as an opportunity for  LYFEletes to learn wardrobe appropriateness while still looking fashionable.  Different scenarios were acted out and  older LYFEletes  displayed both what to wear and what not to wear to different  events including game day, class, on a  date and draft day.